We are all different and that is the same for young people who help care and support a family member.  The Barnet Young Carers Team knows this well and that is why we provide help targeted at what you need.  We know it can be lonely being a carer.  But it doesn’t have to be.  Why not see what we have to offer? 

68% of young carers are bullied in schools.

Only half of young carers have a particular person in school who recognises that they are a carer and helps them.

Young carers responding to a survey missed or cut short many school days every year. The average was 48 school days missed or cut short because of their caring role.

Many services are only funded to work with young carers up to the age of 18. In a survey, 79% of young carers said they were worried about moving on as they felt there was no support for them.

Saying that you are a carer can feel like quite a big step.  It can feel like you are being put in a box when you help around the house a bit and look after someone in the family.


Don’t struggle alone.  Contact us to see how we might be able to help.