About US

Who are we?

Barnet Carers is a leading charity delivering reliable and accessible support for informal carers living in Barnet. Our mission is to enable all carers to thrive by empowering people to live the life they want.

Register with Barnet Carers

You are eligible to register if you:


  • Provide care for a family member, partner or friend who needs help because of their illness, frailty, disability, a mental health problem or an addiction and cannot cope without your support. 
  • Are not paid to deliver care (this does not include Carer’s Allowance).
  • Are 18 years old or over (Young Carers should register here).
  • Live or look after someone who lives in the London Borough of Barnet.

The link below will take you to our online registration portal.  All of your information is held securely and will not be used for any other purposes other than supporting you as a carer.


What we offer

Carers’ Assessments

by phone or online

A Carer’s Assessment is the local authorities’ way of working out whether you qualify for support from them in your role as unpaid carer. It is an opportunity for you to discuss how your caring responsibilities affect you.


online classes

All of our activities are free to join! We have a weekly offer of services such as yoga, mindfulness and our Mental Wellbeing Group. We also run various projects throughout the year.

Health & Wellbeing

holistic approach

Improving our carer’s overall health and wellbeing is our utmost interest. To achieve that, we offer regular peer support groups, discounts at leisure centres, free swimming, short-term counselling, and much more.

Practical Solutions & Personal Development

Speak with a specialist

Our team of experts can advise you on legal matters and employment, carry out mentoring calls, deliver training, help you apply for grants, and more. We can also refer you to our partners for benefits advice.




Keep an eye on our Events Calendar

Featured here are just a sample of the many events that we hold every month for carers!


Carers Group

Join us each month for our regular carers’ meeting. An open forum for carers to discuss any concerns they have pertaining to their caring responsibilities, regardless of the amount or type of care provided.


Wellbeing Support Group

Carers using their own experiences to help each other cope with stress, anxiety and worries. The group is design to improve carers emotional health, wellbeing and sense of belonging.


Topical Talks

Every week we approach a different subject that has been requested by carers. From Autism awareness to Emergency Planning, to accessing support from the Local Authority, we cover it all.



Through Yoga, growth mindset, meditation, visualization, and big belly laughs, the classes help you realize that you already have all the qualities that you need to become an amazing person, to access your inner strength, encourage you to let it shine out and to love being yourself!


Who do you care for?

Barner Carers works with different partners across the Borough to make sure both you and the person you care for are accessing the necessary services to improve your general health, wellbeing and quality of life. Learn more about existing organizations below.


What are you concerned about?

Being a carer often impacts other aspects of people’s lives. Carers are frequently worried about their finances, juggling the caring role with work and/or study, finding appropriate accommodation for their families. Carers may also experience feelings of isolation and loneliness. Barnet Carers strives to enable carers to achieve positive outcomes in life. Learn more about how we and our partners can help.


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