Adult carers

Anyone providing support for a family member, friend or even your neighbour is a Carer and there are an estimated 36,000 informal Carers within the borough of Barnet.

As an informal carer you have a right to access support to help you maintain independence in your caring role. In Barnet, several of these services are operated by Barnet Carers Centre on behalf of Barnet Council.

As every Carer, and every cared-for person, is different, Barnet Carers Centre provides an Individual Support Service. This will help you to develop a personalised plan and assist you in getting the required support services in place.

Our Carer Support Co-ordinators can help you access the local services that are available to you and help support you in your caring role.

The Carer Support Co-ordinators will:

  • Complete a Carers Needs Assessment and help you to develop a Support Plan to address your key needs.
  • Provide up to 12 months of one-to-one support to ensure that your support needs are being met on an ongoing basis.
  • Refer you to the Centre-based services only available to Registered Carers, including the Emergency Card Scheme which will provide reassurance that those you care for will be looked after in the event that you are suddenly unavailable.

Carer Support Co-ordinators are available at different locations across Barnet. If you are interested in finding out more, please contact us on 0208 343 9698 or  Alternatively, if you are already accessing support through another Barnet community organisation, they may be able to get in touch with us on 0208 343 9698 or

Adult carers