Complete a Carer’s Assessment

You can now choose in between having your Assessment over the phone with an Adult Carer Coordinator, or by yourself via the online portal!

What is a Carer's Assessment?

It’s the local authorities’ way of working out whether you qualify for support from them in your role as an unpaid carerThe assessment is an opportunity for you to discuss how your caring responsibilities affect you. During the Assessment, you will be asked about:

  • The care and support you provide
  • The impact this has on your own health and wellbeing
  • If you receive support in your caring role
  • What actions you have already taken to support yourself as a carer
  • What could be done to make things easier for you
  • Services that Barnet Carers could provide to help you

General Questions


How will this benefit me?

From going through the process, you will not only have an in-depth understanding of your rights as a carer, but it may also help you access:

  • a break from caring
  • help to look after the person with needs
  • changes to equipment or adaptations to the home
  • emotional support
Am I eligible for a Carer's Assessment?

You are eligible for a Carer’s Assessment if you are an unpaid carer, if you are at least 18 years old and you care for someone who is also over the age of 18.

What if I am not eligible?

If you are a young carer under the age of 18, you can receive support from Barnet Young Carers! 

If you are a parent carer, that is, if you look after someone who is under the age of 18, you can still access support from Barnet Carers.

What happens after the Assessment?

You will get a bespoke Support Plan based on your needs and the information provided in the form.

A Support Plan is a document explaining all the services, entitlements, and advice you are eligible to receive.

You will be signposted to relevant services from Barnet Carers and external organisations.

Carry out your Carer’s Assessment


The same questionnaire you would go through with an advisor, but available 24/7 on your computer, tablet, and mobile.

By Phone

Have the support of a specialist to complete your Carer’s Assessment

Need advice about your caring role?

Caring can sometimes be overwhelming.  If you feel you need more information, advice or support in your caring role, you can book a Carers Needs Assessment to speak to one of our Adult Carers Coordinators.