‘I feel that I must write to you to express my sheer gratitude and delight in the way I have been dealt with by a member of your team yesterday- Jacqueline Griffiths

I found Jacqueline to be so professional, customer service driven, knowledgeable, polite and exceeded herself in her job, and I was completely blown away by not only being treated as an individual, but someone who she could relate to and understood my needs, concerns, upsets and issues, WHICH I CANNOT AND HAVE NOT FOUND ANYWHERE OUT THERE THESEDAYS.

Jacqueline, is what I would like to say the old school, understanding the customers requirements and being sympathetic to them, and then matching those needs to the services you offer, and that you simply do not see. It simply got to a stage in the meeting that she was being so structured and organized that I was not only being blown away but she had my attention for a full 2 hours, which is so rare to see these days, but every word she spoke was no only informative but opened doors to helping me, and I have to say, that I could of sat there for a further 2 hours or even 4 it was memorising to not only being dealt with in such a kind and professional manner but I felt so relaxed and not tense or worried about anything, its like Jacqueline was a “fairy mother” and was able to take away all my worries.

This lady covered everything from A-Z about caring and including benefits and assistance etc., subsequently I will be attending not only coffee morning, but creative writing tonite, and other events we spoke about sand even got a pass to go swimming, it really did not stop and I feel so happy and rest assured I am under the wing of Barnet Carers to care and support me in my role as a carer, and feel assured I will be spending a lot of time at your offices attending these events, along with getting support when and if needed from both Jacqueline and her team.

if I could either ask you to pass this letter to your CEO or to let me have their details and even to the local MP because I am telling you this is a wonderful organization and I want to be the first to let the outside world know this and in particular with members of staff like Jacqueline as your Ambassador I can only see things getting better and better in this tough World’.