Respite care at home

If you care for someone on a long-term or full-time basis, there are times when you might feel in need of some respite.  This can be for many reasons.  Getting some basic jobs done for yourself such as going to the bank, attending hospital appointments or shopping.  Sometimes you may also need time just for yourself and your own piece of mind.  Some people use our respite service to allow them to meet friends, go to the cinema or out to dinner, with the peace of mind that comes from knowing that a friendly, trained professional is in place to see to all of the needs of your loved one.

Respite Options

Our respite options are designed to fit around you and your needs as well as those of your loved one.  Our minimum booked time is for 1 hour but then you can add on to that by as many or as few hours that you need.  Before we proceed with any initial respite booking we will arrange to come and visit you and your loved on to find out what type of care you are looking for such as companionship, activity, or personal care.  With each individual booking we will discuss your wishes for that time and make sure that we plan the care to make it just right for you and your loved one.  The people we care for are all individuals and that is why we focus on delivering individualised care.


We pride ourselves on transparency in our pricing.  We are not the cheapest provider of care in the Borough, but we like to think that we are amongst the best.  We are regulated by the Care Quality Commission and we are an approved supplier for the London Borough of Barnet.

Hours Cost per Hour Total Cost
1 £20 £20
2 £20 + £18 £38
3 £20 + £36 £56
4 £20 + £48 £68

The pricing is the same for daytime, evening and night time respite, although a £10 additional charge will be added to all bookings that require our staff to work between 11pm and 6am.

Our staff

Our staff are both experienced and fully trained.  All of our staff have the Care Certificate and many are trained beyond that.  A number of our staff have been with the organisation for over 20 years and many more for over a decade.  Our staff are kind, empathic and work hard to make sure that your loved one gets the care experience that we know they deserve.  We try and ensure that your loved one will have continuity of care and the same carer, although this is sometimes difficult with respite care.