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Major identification of carers and young carers is key!

Inclusion Barnet

Barnet Carers Partners Forum meeting notes 9.6.22
Facilitators: Julia Conrado, Maivel Rodriguez
Our second partners’ forum was celebrated on 9th June 2022, as part of our Carers Week activities. It was focused on discussing and reflecting on ways in which, together, we can contribute to making caring more visible, valued, and supported. 17 local organisations joined the forum and engaged in an enriched conversation from which the following actions were agreed:

Agreed actions to implement:

  1. Barnet Carers to work in partnership with the Clinical Commissioning Group to reach out to
    more GPs and pharmacies – identified as key places to make carers more visible- and engage
    their staff in carers identification training. It also involves the distribution of carers and
    young carers identification pack materials that are freely distributed through these venues
  2. Delivering carers identification and awareness sessions with a variety of professional teams
    and services in the borough to increase their knowledge and confidence in understanding
    who carers are, their needs, impacts of caring and ways in which they can be supported.
  3. Organisations can improve the identification of carers and young carers through their own
    processes of registration, referrals, and assessment. By adding the relevant questions in the
    forms used to complete such processes, many more hidden carers and young carers can be
    identified and supported. ‘Are you or any member of your family carrying out caring duties
    for a disabled or ill relative or friend? This is followed by appropriate signposting and
    referral to Barnet Carers or any other relevant agency.
  4. Organisations can be more proactive in displaying information such as posters, flyers and
    leaflets related to carers and caring in their facilities and outreach venues. Barnet Carers will
    support the design and distribution of materials.
  5. In alliance with Barnet Together to deliver a borough-wide social media campaign about who
    carers are and what caring is, to improve general knowledge and understanding
  6. Barnet Carers and partners to increase the promotion and advertisement of the Carers
    Community App as an easy-to-use tool available for carers to access the information they
    need, connect with peer carers and access relevant resources for free. Such advertisement
    to be made through promotional display on websites, promotional materials and by word of
  7. Crucially, to consider the special needs and disabilities that many carers and young carers
    have and make information and services inclusive to all sectors of the community.
    More Support!
  8. Making the most out of volunteering networks such as Volunteering Barnet to support
    carers’ respite needs. Volunteers can be engaged with the delivery of respite care for carers
    activities, and in this way support carers and young carers have access to breaks. Other
    volunteering networks such as NHS responders can also be used for transport services