Illa, one of our Trustees shares what means for her being a trustee and how she benefitted from that.

I have been a trustee of BCC for over 5 years. I became interested in becoming a trustee following my experience of their work as a carer. I was very impressed with what they did  and their commitment and wanted to help.

I had never worked in the  charity sector but felt  I could use my skills from working in the public sector whilst gaining valuable insight into the care sector. I was formally appointed following an interview and recruitment process which involved an induction and familiarisation session .

To be a trustee, you need to be committed to the cause and have overall responsibility and accountability of the organisation. Basically, lead and decide how an organisation is run for its  beneficiaries.

All decisions are made as a board so teamwork is a big part of trusteeship. As a board we meet regularly to oversee the activities of BCC and work with the CEO and senior managers to plan for its future. We’re well supported by a committed and passionate group of people who provide all the information that we need to fulfill our roles . I’ve made life long friends and broadened my perspective in an area that will touch all our lives at different stages of our lives. It’s been a privilege and rewarding experience for me and has given me an opportunity to contribute to improving the lives of Carers in Barnet by supporting the work of BCC.

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